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Recruiting 101

Athletic scholarships are a great way for talented and committed sports players to get their college tuition paid for. Of course, these scholarships aren’t just given to anyone. If you’re at the top of your game and are interested in learning more about the athletic recruiting process - keep reading. It can be difficult to figure out everything that recruiters will expect from their applicants and how to approach the process in the most efficient way possible.

Recruiting 101 | ABC Athletic Recruiting

ABC Athletic Recruiting provides a help guide for athletes to succeed in their quest toward a coveted athletic scholarship. The recruiting process is competitive and takes a lot of time and commitment to navigate. Therefore, it is essential that you not wait until the last minute to scour the web for them. Many athletes across the U.S start approaching recruiters when they are still in middle school - usually seventh or eighth grade. By the time you get to high school it is important to be familiar with the course requirements for the scholarships you are interested in. Also, start familiarizing yourself with the rules of the NCAA so you know exactly what to expect.

Often, college athletics coaches will enlist the help of talent scouts to help find the cream of the crop. Not only do you have to be a very gifted and dedicated athlete, but you must also be aware that scouts will look online to find good prospects, so if you are mentioned in a news article or feature story, this can make you stand out. More importantly is having a good video that showcases highlights from past games, as well as your player statistics. Coaches and recruiters are very busy and can’t always take the time to search for individual videos of your plays, so a well put-together portfolio is vital.

Recruiting 101 | ABC Athletic Recruiting

As for the number of college athletes who receive scholarships, a very low percentage (under one percent) get a full ride to play in Division I. Over 90 percent of the nearly 2,000 colleges that offer athletic programs do not play in Division I. So, most of these lucky athletes are Division II, III, or NAIA. Meeting with a talent scout can help you figure out which of these ranks you fall under. Taking the time to do this is definitely worth it since it can help narrow down your choices and give you a better chance at securing a scholarship.



  • Scholarships are for talented and committed sports players

  • Middle School is the average time to approach recruiters

  • Be familiar with course requirements and rules o the NCAA

  • Being mentioned in articles or featured stories will help you to stand out

  • Video portfolio showcasing highlights from past events and Statistics

  • Less than 1% of college athletes get a full ride to play in Division I

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