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About ABC Athletic Recruiting

ABC Athletic Recruiting is dedicated to connecting high school athletes with college coaches, enhancing lives and opportunities, and building up the next generation of Athletes ABC Athletic Recruiting prides itself on mentoring students throughout the entire process of college athletics recruitment. Most ABC Athletic Recruiting representatives were once college athletes, talent scouts, or college coaches. Their real-world experience allows them to offer vital guidance and objective, neutral evaluations targeted at helping students put their absolute best face forward when approaching collegiate scouts.

About | ABC Athletic Recruiting

As a third party organization, ABC Athletic Recruiting strives to help each student athlete market, discover, and hone his or her skills to better navigate through the application process for college athletics scholarships. The team understands that sports can be a source of empowerment for young students and that athletics participation should be encouraged and rewarded.

About | ABC Athletic Recruiting

For ABC Athletic Recruiting, success isn’t only for the field. Student athletes are encouraged to take academics seriously, study hard, and graduate from college. Giving back to the community is also lauded by the organization.



Since its founding, ABC Athletic Recruiting has helped over many students secure funding from a combination of scholarships, financial aid and grants.

Each year, the organization hosts over many seminars designed to help students understand the recruitment process. These seminars are held at sports camps, high schools, and at other locations.

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